Back Acne Treatment by Powderma
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Back Acne Treatment by Powderma

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Concentrated Back Acne Treatment Powder

Our signature formula was created exclusively for treating back acne. Erase back acne quickly and prevent future breakouts with one of the best back acne treatments available. Isn't it time to live without wondering if this is the day you have another breakout.

Clear Up Your Back Acne Today

Powderma's® Back Acne Treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide is an advanced medicated powder that will have you loving your skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Get results in as little as 1 day
  • Treats your back acne (bacne) and prevents future breakouts
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Is free of talc, parabens, phthalates, and fragrances or oils
  • Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Absorbs dirt, oil and bacteria clogging your pores
  • Gently exfoliates dead skin


For the best results, we recommend applying once a day after your shower. Once your skin is completely dry, simply sprinkle some of the powder into your hand or onto the Plush Body Brush and massage into your skin where needed.

You can also watch this helpful video to see how to apply the Back Acne Treatment by Powderma to both your face and back. (Note: It is natural that a very small amount of powder may fall off of the brush during application.)

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