Acne Treatment by Powderma
Powderma Acne Treatment safely absorbs dirt, oil and bacteria to clear up acne
Acne Treatment by Powderma - Don't Lose Another Day of Happiness to Acne

Acne Treatment by Powderma

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The Best Natural Acne Treatment

We use only natural ingredients to help you get the beautiful, acne-free skin you desire. 

Powderma's Award-Winning Formula:

  • Treats cystic acne, hormonal, papules, and more
  • Micronized powder for gentle exfoliation
  • Improves skin health and promotes smoother, younger looking skin
  • Great as a spot treatment or on larger areas
  • Reduces inflammation, redness and scarring
  • Absorbs oil (sebum) and kills acne causing bacteria
  • Non-comedogenic (it will not clog your pores)
  • Talc free, no parabens, phthalates or fragrences

Watch this helpful video to learn how easy it is to apply Powderma to both your face and back. Order Yours Today!

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