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Mineral Powder Foundation for Acne
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Mineral Powder Foundation for Acne

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Looking for a topical acne spot treatment that works? Look no further.  The Mineral Powder Foundation for Acne treats, covers and heals your acne no matter where it is or where you are.

This travel size acne treatment and foundation will last you 30 days or more and can be carried around in a small pocket if you're on the go. Treat and cover your acne and protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Renew your complexion while out for a fresh, revitalized and radiant look. This oil-free foundation also serves as an acne treatment and contains natural elements such as vitamin B3, zinc, bentonite clay and benzoyl peroxide.

Our micronized Mineral Powder Foundation for Acne is extremely soft and gentle. It can blend for a perfect complexion with a very natural look.


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