The Story of Powderma

man looking at acne on face

Powderma was created almost two decades ago by a young man who was facing constant adversity in life because of his acne. Everyday activities were challenging because he was not able to focus on the positive. Instead, those moments became more of a reason to be stressed about his appearance and worried about how other people perceived him.

After years of suffering with acne on his face, chest and back, and achieving no great success with acne treatments on store shelves or the "homemade remedy of the day", he made the decision change his life. He began working on Powderma.

Over the next 7 years, he worked with leading dermatologists and doctors of natural medicines, researching thousands of formulas in order to develop a natural, non-comedogenic acne treatment that worked quickly and also healed his skin. This extensive research and development has transformed natural and organic ingredients into one of the world's leading acne treatments on the market today: Powderma's Acne Treatment and Powderma's Back Acne Treatment. 

Today, Powderma® is a leading, Dermatologist Recommended acne treatment and beauty brand that offers an expanding line of skin care products that keep you looking and feeling beautiful, and most importantly, happy with yourself.

It's time to transform your go beyond living, and experience life as it was meant to be lived. Be Happy With Yourself. Love Your Skin!

Our company is committed to selling premium quality products. We use only essential ingredients. We do not use harmful ingredients like talc, parabens, fragrances, or phthalates. is also the online destination for complementary articles containing skincare advice, as well as healthy living, exercise and wellness tips. To be truly happy, you must care for yourself both inside and out, which is why we provide more than just acne and skincare advice. We believe that happiness and beauty start from within and that living a healthy lifestyle, while taking care of your skin, will help you be happy and lead the life you deserve.

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