Problem with Back Acne? Learn How to Care for Your Skin

If you are experiencing the dreaded back acne (a.k.a. bacne), than it is time to change your skincare routine. Caring for your skin is important if you want a clear complexion from head to toe. Wondering how to get rid of back acne? Let’s take a look at some simple things you can do to help clear up the problem so you can show off your flawless skin.

Choose the Right Soap

While using soap is important, you want to use a gentle soap that will still clear away oils and dead skin. That soap should also add moisture. The wrong soap can strip your skin of the good oils and bacteria that protect your skin. This can leave it prone to more breakouts. The best acne soap should be gentle, but still get the job done. If you are not seeing results from your current soap, it’s time to get back to the soap aisle and choose one that will give you results.


Shorter and Less Frequent Showers

While you would think that standing under a waterfall in the shower would add moisture to your skin, it actually does the opposite. You want to find out how to get rid of back acne? A warm shower will help to break down harmful oils but showering for too long can wash away not only good bacteria that keeps the skin healthy but also the natural moisture in your skin that balances your skin's pH level. Not showering every day, but perhaps every other day can also prevent the loss of essential moisture.


Adjust Water Temp

Like showering for too long can worsen the issue of back acne, taking a shower that is too hot or too cool can also cause a problem. Extremely hot water strips away more than you want and can cause itchy, dry skin which can worsen the problem. If your shower is too cool, it won’t help dissolve the troublesome oils causing the problem as well. A warm shower is best to give you the cleansing you need without drying your skin. Adjusting to a cooler shower for the last minute or two of your shower can help tighten up the pores you just cleaned. This way they won’t attract more oil and dirt that cause back acne.


Using the Right Tools

Learning what tools benefit your skin is vital to learning how to get rid of back acne. Many people advocate for the use of loofahs or bristled brushes, especially to get to the hard to reach back area. Loofahs are made of plastic that can damage the skin and they are havens for bad bacteria that you can put back on your body. Bristled brushes cause damage to the skin, making it hard to combat the problem of back acne. Using a soft, plush body brush can solve the problems caused by both loofahs and hard bristle brushes.


Don’t Fall for Gimmicks

It seems the internet is full of “quick fixes” and home remedies for back acne. If you are truly interested in getting rid of back acne, avoid these gimmicks that probably won’t help and may even make the problem worse. One popular Old Wives’ Tale is to use tea tree oil for acne. Even if diluted, it can excessively dry out the skin which prompts your body to create more of its own oils, causing back acne. When it comes to apple cider vinegar, your acne can also worsen. It is very acidic and can cause damage to the skin.


Always Use a Clean Towel

If you think about it logically, any residual bacteria or oils that weren’t washed away in the shower will be removed by your towel when you dry off. If you use this towel again, you can transfer all that back to your body you just worked so hard to remove in the right way. It is important to always dry off with a clean towel after your shower.


Moisturize Your Skin

Using a body lotion or other moisturizer can help to keep the proper balance of moisture your skin needs. While showering can remove too much of those good oils produced by your body to keep a healthy pH balance, the right kind of moisturizer can keep that moisture in check without clogging pores. Make sure to look for non-commedogenic moisturizers.


BONUS: Use a Back Acne Treatment

Want to attack the problem by learning how to get rid of back acne and using the right techniques? You may want to look into a back acne treatment. A treatment that targets back acne specifically can help to get rid of the current problem as well as prevent it from being a problem in the future. A product like Powderma’s Back Acne Treatment can ensure you get rid of the problem quickly by killing the bacteria, reducing the redness and uncomfortable inflammation, as well as unclogging pores.


Ready for a Life Free of Back Acne?

If you are looking for the best tips and tricks when it comes to getting rid of back acne, you’ve found them here. Change a few hygiene habits and add the right products to ensure a clear complexion now and in the future. Ready to give it a try? Order Yours Today.

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