Clearing Up Back Acne is Hard, But Possible: My Story

As you may know, back acne is a problem for millions of people around the world and not a single one of them said they don't mind it.  As someone who has suffered from back acne for years, I know how heart wrenching it can be to go to the beach and realize that you want to take your shirt off and have fun, but aren't going to because you're embarrassed about the appearance of your skin. Oh, and don't get me started on the time I decided to tell myself that it doesn't matter what other people think and took off my shirt anyway, because although it doesn't matter...and it really doesn't!, I ended up getting sunburned because I thought the oil from the sunscreen would clog my pores even more. 


When I got back to the house later that day and the sunburn started to settle in, now I had the regular soreness of my back acne and what felt like a 3rd degree sunburn on my back too.  And to think, I didn't apply sunscreen because I thought it would make my back acne worse.  Go figure.  Well, let me be the first; or maybe not the first, to tell you, ALWAYS put on sunscreen. Try to find on that is non-comedogenic or at least gentle on your skin...check out Target's selection...because let's be honest...who doesn't love Target. Just make sure to check out the ingredients and read the directions. You should always know what you're putting on your skin to make sure it is safe. Some companies are much less scrupulous about the well-being and health of their customers, so they may add ingredients that pose long-term health risks. 

There's a group known as the Environmental Working Group, out of Washington DC that has a great website with a lot of great resources on protecting human health. One of the resources they have is the, EWG's 2020 Guide to Sunscreen. You can search for a sunscreen that you currently use or finding one that fits your need by reading the many great resources they've published and made available to you for no charge. It's wonderful.

Sorry, back to my story...once I realized the "error of my ways" with not using sunscreen, I began using sunscreen and looking for better ways to take care of my skin. I didn't often take my shirt off because I still didn't feel comfortable with people looking at my back acne, and to be honest, I was still a bit nervous about getting sunburned again because of how bad it hurt the first time.  Long story short, I decided to look for ways to better protect my skin, and also to heal my back acne.

At first, I went to Target and Ulta and looked at the hundreds of acne treatments, but I quickly realized that facial acne and back acne aren't usually treated the same. For facial acne, companies put in moisturizers and humectants (thickeners) and other ingredients to preserve and stabilize the cream and keep it from changing or going bad; most of which are bad for clearing up acne. And for back acne treatments, they added just as many ingredients to keep it from washing down your back, so they make it a spray and sticky and add preservatives, etc. It's a long list of unnecessary ingredients for healing back acne. But, they do make a smooth and creamy product that they market to make it seem like it works well.  Having used many of those products, I can say that I usually saw signs of clearing at first, but in the long run, I broke out more and in different places, the more I used them.  

This is when I decided to go a different route. Look for a product that was made with natural ingredients and one that works on a few levels by not only killing the back acne causing bacteria, but also by naturally absorbing the bacteria and oils from my skin to remove them. I was lucky enough to have found the Back Acne Treatment by Powderma.  I highly recommend that you take a look and read up on each of the ingredients. I did, as I usually do to make sure that what I am putting on my skin is safe for me, and I found that each ingredient is either killing the bacteria and fighting the acne; like the benzoyl peroxide, or is there to help heal my skin quickly to reduce chances of scarring and also to help my skin get back to normal. And what I mean by "normal" is to have that naturally protective layer of oil back keeping my skin hydrated and regular pore sizes to reduce the chances of dirt and oil getting into my skin.

In a strange way, that time that I went to the beach and decided to take a chance on taking my shirt off and saying to the world, I am what I am and I don't care, ended up working out for me. Because, as I said, the day itself turned out to be a bit of a nightmare, but in the end, I found the Environmental Working Group which has been an awesome source of really helpful information on how to stay healthy and protected within my environment and also how to take better care of my skin. And today, although I have a periodic break out from eating pizza or because of stress, I have been using the Back Acne Treatment by Powderma for two and half years and couldn't be happier. I wish you all of the happiness in the world.

Stay happy and healthy and thanks for reading my story.


Sofia Williams

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