Does Exercise Help Acne?

To Start Simply, Yes! 30 minutes of exercise a day improves your mind and body and helps clear up your complexion. 

It can be hard to find the time, but when you think about the value of exercise for your muscles, skin and stress levels, it is hard not to justify 30 minutes of your day to your health. Believe me when I say that you'll thank me when you do.

Not sure where to start? Have fun while clearing up your skin with these great acne eliminating exercises:

  1. 5-Minute Intervals of running and walking. It'll get your heart-rate up and help you build your stamina. Find a school field or an open stretch of sidewalk and get running. You'll be amazed at the differences.
  2. Biking. Cities and towns across America are building more bike friendly paths and dedicated space on the roadways for you. Take advantage! Check the tire pressure and get going. Enjoy nature or even bike to a cafe to refresh with some water. Take it at your pace, but push yourself everyday for greater improvements.
  3. Hiking. Grab a friend or go by yourself and enjoy the sounds of your surroundings. But put on your cross-trainers and hit the trails. Hiking will boost your mood, tone your body and clear your pores.
  4. Got Kids? The next time you go to the playground, join in the fun. Don't just watch your kids have all of the fun...Play! Start a game of freeze tag, go swing, or just chase the little ones up and down the play-set. These are all great ways to exercise and bond with your children at the same time. But most importantly, smile and have fun with your kids. They'll love you more for it.
  5. Visit Your Local Gym. If you don't like lifting weights, many gyms have exercise classes, pools and basketball courts. They are perfect for when it's too cold to get outside. See if you can get a month-to-month membership and when the whether warms up, get back outside to get some Vitamin D from the sun. 

Before you know it, you'll have a list of activities you love and may even find yourself outside for longer than 30 minutes. Let us know your favorite way of exercising.

Helpful Tip: Exercise combined with the use of our natural acne treatment has been found to reduce acne healing time. And for those tough to reach places, use the Plush Body Brush with our specially formulated Back Acne Treatment to see the best results. 

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