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"This stuff works miracles for anyone who suffers from back acne. "

Wake Up With Skin That Feels Soft & New

Our back acne treatment brings out the natural glow of your skin.

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"I bought this on the recommendation of my friend and am really happy that I did. She's been raving about this acne treatment and now I know why."

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Eliminate Acne and Unwanted Pounds

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Get Rid Of Acne Once And For All with Acne Treatment Products by Powderma

Getting rid of acne can be a pain. However, with Powderma, many people notice results within a day. Our products are dermatologist tested and approved and have been called one of the best treatments for acne. Don't use one of the millions of acne home remedies that may make your skin breakout or cause irritation? Use Powderma’s Acne Treatment today. It can be used for effectively treating facial acne, body acne and back acne, and is wonderful when used as a spot treatment for your acne.